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Yoga can be anything you want it to be - exercise, rehabilitation, stress relief or simply some much needed me-time. My aim is to create a welcoming space for you to enjoy yoga as much as I do.

I offer friendly group yoga classes, gentle chair yoga, private yoga in your own home and corporate classes to develop a sense of wellbeing and increase productivity in the workplace. Beginners through to advanced yogis are welcome as variations are offered to cater for individual bodies. The focus is on having fun while developing a well rounded, personal yoga practice.

From weight loss to better sleep, flexibility to improved self-confidence, the advantages of yoga are many. Each practitioner has their own reason to start yoga and most find that the benefits are far greater than they imagined. I've grown enormously since my yoga journey began and love to share what I've learned along the way.





18:30 - 19:30   Hatha Yoga - British Legion


09:00 - 09:45   Hatha Yoga - Maximus Gym Frimley


18:30 - 19:30   Hatha Yoga - British Legion

19:45 - 21:00   Gentle Yoga - British Legion


09:00 - 10:00   Hatha Yoga - British Legion




£12 pay per class (1hr)

£10 pay per class (45 mins)

£55 per month - for 2 classes a week

£66 per month - for 3 classes a week

£80 per month - unlimited booked classes

Private classes starting at £60ph

Corporate classes starting at £120ph

Gift vouchers available



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Call or text: 07921 768 955


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'A superb yoga teacher. Practice is always amazing with Bethan. Great group of yogis which makes attending a pleasure.
Would recommend the classes to all ages and experience'

 - Audrey

nDreams hired Beth to teach a online yoga class during mental health week in October.  Staff took part in her class from their homes using Microsoft Teams.  We had a wide range of people taking part, but the class was suitable for all levels and was good for those of us that had been sitting at desks all day! She was very engaging and made us all feel connected. We would definitely recommend her!

Hope that we can use you again one day!


'Another restorative pop-up class. My body, mind and wellbeing have been rebalanced. Thank you Bethan. I can't wait for the next one!'

- Hilary

'I have tried so many different yoga teachers and different styles of yoga and I've mostly felt super self conscious. These classes give you just the right amount of challenge vs relaxation so you achieve such a sense of mental and physical wellness at the end of class. Nothing is taken too seriously, instead of being tutted for not being able to achieve perfection in a pose at some classes, gentle encouragement is given with reminders that all bodies are different and can do different things.'

- Alexis

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